Nathan Lidia

A Little About Me:


As of December 16, 2006 I am married to a beautiful lady named Ashley. She likes a lot of the stuff in life that I do such as outdoor activity; riding four wheelers, camping and many other things. We are both Christians and Members of First Baptist Church of Fannin. We live in Mississippi so that’s where most of my photos are taken but some of them are from vacations and little trips. She is often right along side me when I’m taking photos, often taking photos herself too. I thank God that we enjoy the outdoors together because it gives us so much more wonderful time together. If I had to go out and do all my photography without her it just wouldn’t be the same. But sometimes it’s good to be out there by my self because God often uses those times to draw me closer to Him. When you’re out enjoying His creations it’s nice to stop and talk to Him for a bit. So next time you’re out looking at wildlife or nature try stopping for just a minute and ask Him to bless you and talk to you.

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